GICO has always manufactured equipment employing the most up to date technology: new electronically controlled (electric) Fryers, with basket sensors. Modular cooking equipment for professional kitchens: high capacity in compact dimensions, innovative design; sturdy, robust construction.

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Fryers 550 mm depth

The die-pressed tank of the gas and electric fryers has rounded bottom for easy cleaning. The gas models are fitted with an innovating burner assembly which can increase the thermal exchange and guarantee high performances with an output of 58%. The temperature can be regulated from 100° to 190°C by a thermostatic valve. For the electric version, heating by means of 3 heating elements in direct contact with the oil.

Code: 8FG5N601A

Description:GAS FRYER 12 Lt. ON CUPB.

Size: 500x550x900

(PDF 425 KB)

Code: 8FG5N604A

Description:GAS FRYER 18 Lt. ON CUPB.

Size: 500x550x900

(PDF 323 KB)

Code: 8FG5N701A

Description:ELEC. FRYER 12 Lt. ON CUPB.

Size: 500x550x900

Code: 8FG5N704A

Description:ELEC. FRYER 18 Lt. ON CUPB.

Size: 500x550x900

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