Combined and convection ovens: solid, reliable and extremely silent, with innovative design, simple controls and intuitive symbols, also on the most technologically advanced versions.

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The top of the range. MultiGlobeSystem is an exclusive application to the PLUS version of the GLOBE COMBI OVEN. Guided recipe creation mode that offers to the chef a choice of over 40 advanced preparation and cooking methods. CLIMABOX allows you to choose whether to use the closed oven chamber. Dryforce is an exclusive function that rapid eliminates humidity inside the chamber, obtaining a dry atmosphere in just a few seconds, even with the chamber closed. Fully automatic washing in 4 different modes.

Code: 8FMDG061D

Description:GLOBE PLUS MIX OVEN GAS 6+1GN1/1

Size: 895x827x974

(PDF 279 KB)

Code: 8FMDG101D

Description:GLOBE PLUS MIX OVEN GAS 10+1GN1/1

Size: 895x827x1274

(PDF 280 KB)

Code: 8FMDE061D

Description:GLOBE PLUS MIX OVEN EL.6+1GN1/1

Size: 895x827x974

(PDF 268 KB)

Code: 8FMDE101D

Description:GLOBE PLUS MIX OVEN EL.10+1GN1/1

Size: 895x827x1274

(PDF 268 KB)

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